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SalesKey Assessment

The 4 levels

Sales-, Training-, Customer- and Productivity Quotient

The four levels of the SalesKey Assessment is a hierarchy, and you will never get the full benefit of a strong level 3 score if your i.e. level 1 is bad. 

Level 1 – Sales Quotient

Level 1 uncovers the foundation for succes of the individual sales person. We look at the level of Energy they put into sales activities, we look at how clear their Goal Orientation is, we look at how strong their Sales Identity is, we look at their Risk Sensitivity and finally we look at their overall Sales Initiative.

The importance of Level 1

What activity level could we expect?

Level 1 tells us a great deal about what level of sales related activities we can expect from the sales person. 

Is it a cowboy or an accountant?

Furthermore we get a unique insight into the level of risks the sales person is willing to take and how that may influence their sales activities.

Level 2 – Training Quotient

Level 2 uncovers the training and management needs of the sales person. We look at their ability to keep Focus, if they prefer non-complex or complex products via the Complexity score, their Sales Aptitude and their Coachability.

The importance of Level 2

Will this person be able to sell complex solutions?

Level 2 gives us a unique insight into the sales persons willingness to engage in and promote products or services with a certain level of complexity or if they prefer to sell non-complex products. 

Will this person rely on coaching to perform?

Teamwork is a great thing and being open to coaching from you manager is also great, but what if your are so open to it that you actually have a hard time taking a decision without running it pass your manager first? 

Level 3 – Customer Quotient

Level 3 uncovers the skills needed to interact with different types of customer. At what level does the sales person Control the interaction? At what level is the sales person Analyzing, Empathizing and Promoting in the interaction?

The importance of Level 3

Will this person be able to shift between the different styles?

The best sales people master all four customer interaction skills where other sales people are more limited in the way they interact. 

Too much or too little?

Each of the four customer interaction skills can be under or overdone, which will have an effect on how the sales person can come across to the customers.

Level 4 – Productivity Quotient

Level 4 uncovers the strengths within different contact approaches. We look at their desire to use the Telephone, using Lead Generation with existing customers, Up-market issues, desire to hold Presentations, using their Network and old fashion Canvassing. 

The importance of Level 4

Will this person limit themselfs in ways to contact?

The best sales people will take advantage of all possible ways to contact a potential or existing customer. We look at which their desire to use different ways.

Are they taking advantage of their good relations?

Will they use their existing network or existing customers to help them generate new leads?

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