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SalesKey Assessment

Tailor made profile for Sales People


The SalesKey profile will give you all the information you need when recruiting and hiring new sales people


With the SalesKey profile you will know exactly which areas to focus on in training

Level 1

Sales Quotient – SQ, uncovers the foundation for succes of the individual sales person

Level 2

Training Quotient – TQ, uncovers the training and management needs

Level 2

Customer Quotient – CQ, uncovers the skills to interact with different customers  

Level 4

Productivity Quotient – PQ, uncovers the strengths within different contact approaches

Lack of Mental Sales Readiness?

The Sales  Force is the cornerstone of every ambitious company. The task of generating more revenue means that the sales force needs to establish more qualified contacts to existing customers and new prospects.

To generate more revenue by increasing the activity level of the sales force may be obvious, but experience has shown that the activity level of the sales force does not just increase because we want it too.

The traditional path that companies pursue to reach a higher activity level is typically training the sales force in sales techniques, goal setting, relationship management, negotiation etc. etc.


The root of the problem?

The root of the problem is getting the sales force to use the techniques they already know.

How can you, as a sales manager, be sure that your company gets the money spend on training back many fold? The key is to get the sales force to actually use what they have already learned.

Most sales people fail to initiate enough contacts to existing and new prospects and as a result fail to reach their sales target. The turnover percentage among sales people is overwhelming, especially among inexperienced sales people.

Many sales people leave their position within the first 12 months. The main reason being that they do not sell enough to meet their targets. They do not sell enough because they do not have enough prospects to sell to, because they have not been able to initiate enough contacts with potential prospects.

The single largest reason for not initiating enough contacts is a Lack of Mental Sales Readiness.

The fear?

What keeps the sales people from initiating contacts?

When the fear of self promotion hits, it limits your ability to generate new business. In sales we call it Lack of Mental Sales Readiness and it is an emotional short circuit that limits your ability to generate new business and further develop existing customer relations. Lack of Mental Sales Readiness is an everyday phenomenon and is the direct cause of the majority of failed sales careers.

Dr. Dave Barnett has carried out extensive research in the Lack of Mental Sales Readiness and devised the SalesKey analysis which helps sales people and sales organisations diagnose Lack of Mental Sales Readiness.

What is The Process Like?

If it is recruitment of new Sales People, development and training of Sales People or you want to be trained in using the SalesKey profile, we can help you.

1. Recruitment with the SalesKey Profile

One of the most important things that our experience has learned us over the past many years is that when recruiting new salespeople, full disclosure is the first step to a successful recruitment. You get this wrong; the success of your recruitment process is left out of your control.

You, and the person you are considering hiring, may think that there is full disclosure, but our experience tells us, that in many cases salespeople are simply not aware of the areas that limit their performance.

In a best case scenario, the lack of full disclosure may only mean that the person you are hiring may never reach his or her full potential. In a worst case scenario it may result in lost opportunities, firing and another expensive and time consuming recruitment process.

Quick success equals long term employment

With the SalesKey® profile we aim to ensure that there is full disclosure during the recruitment process regarding the person’s abilities, ambitions, self limiting barriers and behaviour when it comes to sales.

With the complete profile of the person’s abilities, ambitions, self limiting barriers and behaviour within sales, you not only have the best input for you decision to hire or not, you also get the complete blueprint for setting up an tailor made introduction and training programme steering your new hire directly on to the path of success. This enables you to eliminate expensive hiring mistakes and lowering turnover among your successful salespeople.

The SalesKey® is able to predict, with industry best accuracy, whom of your potential hires that will perform. That is one of many reasons the SalesKey® profile has become an integrated and valuable part of many of our clients recruitment process.

2. Training and Development with the SalesKey Profile

Gone are the days where you used to hire a sales training consultant and gather all your salespeople for two days, only to experience a short lived peak in performance from one out three salespeople that participated.

Laser like accuracy lifts ROI on sales training to record levels 

With the SalesKey® profile we are able to, with laser like accuracy, setup a tailor made training and coaching programme, which will help the individual sales person reach his or her full potential.

By primarily focusing on the areas that limits the individual salesperson’s performance we are able to ensure high awareness from the individual combined with high commitment and effort from the individual to overcome the identified limitations and thereby reach the best ROI on the company’s investment in training.

The individual programmes will typically be a combination of topic specific sales training mini courses and highly intensive coaching and will as such not take time away from the salesperson’s daily sales activities.

3. SalesKey Certified Consultant

In order for you or your company to use the SalesKey® profile you need use a SalesKey® Certified Consultant or go through our certification course yourself.

One of the strong features of The SalesKey® profile is its “at-first-glance-easy-tointerpret” feel and look. However, we are constantly working very hard to make an immensely complex field easy to use and understand. Therefore it is important to us that the users, of the SalesKey® profile, receives the proper training in the foundation and theory of the profile so that they are able to use the profile to its fullest.

4. How is the SalesKey Profile Used?

Let’s start with the value for the sales training companies – we’ll get back to the value for the end-user.

A typical customer is a sales training company that either train their customers in their own sales methology or use a well know brand such as Solutions Selling or Strategic Selling. They will typically sell a 3-5 day sales training course 2-3 times a year with an average account and not do business with them in between.

With the SalesKey assessment they have been able to expand their engagement with their clients: They will typically start with the assessment, then give individual feedback on the assessment, tailor their sales training to the specific areas they have identified as relevant and maybe have “lunch and talk” sessions where they gather smaller groups of sales people with specific topics. Based on the assessment feedback session they present an individual coaching plan for each sales person. A coaching plan that will typically take place after the sales training. Furthermore this process allows the company to start work with new hires as soon as they start, and not wait 3-4 months until the next sales training course is scheduled.

On the question of value to an entire organisation, what we have experienced is that the top management gets quite involved, since they can see immediate progress and it is identified down to every sales person what steps needs to be taken in order to increase performance. Furthermore, it helps the top management to put a sales culture on the agenda for the entire organisation and having all people with customer contact being aware of sales.

Furthermore, when an organisation has used the assessment on 100 or more sales people, we will be able to identify the success factors that are specific for selling their products and services and thereby improving their recruitment of future sales people.

Some of our offers

Purchase of a single profile

One salesperson profiled and profile sent to you in pdf format. With or without Half an hour feedback over Skype.

More Details

This is our single profile testservice where you can choose to add a half hour Skype feedback call. We will guide you through the results and how you read the SalesKey profile and make sure you understand the key points. This option is used in both recruitment and development.

If you need more than one profile please contact us and we will give you a quote for the number of profiles you need.


w/o €330
with €600

Multiple profiles

If you have the need for multiple profiles we can offer you discounts based on how many profiles you buy at the same time.

More Details

Many of our clients use the SalesKey profile as an integrated part of their recruitment and development programs. Based on your projected monthly or yearly need for profiles we setup a pricing model that fits your needs.

From €160


We recommend that you receive training in how use and interpret the SalesKey profile in order to gain the maximum ROI

More Details

As with anything in your life, the more knowledge you have the more value you can extract.

If you plan to use the SalesKey profile as an integrated part of your recruitment and development programs we recommend that you train one or more key people in your organisation in how to understand and read the SalesKey profile. 



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SalesKey Europe is responsible for helping our european based clients with all matters related to the SalesKey profile. We assist with training, profiling, coaching, consultancy and support in general.

SalesKey Europe has a strong record and we have helped our clients since 2005. We are part of the Danish consultancy firm Potential, who has specialised in Personality and Behavioural profiles.

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